Meet Our Team

Global Operations Director

LaShanda M. Johnson is extremely passionate about loving, learning, educating and helping others. After being baptized at the age of 20 and delving into the word, as well as serving in several capacities at church, she began to truly use her God-given gifts to minister to and celebrate others.

Despite having a number of accomplishments under her belt, LaShanda simply doesn’t like to display them publicly. She prefers for people to get to know her at their own pace.

What brought LaShanda to Revive Church ATL is the Christ-Centered Culture, Servant Leadership and Community Driven Mission.


Lead Pastor

Reginald Fields

resides in Acworth, Georgia with his wife Cassandra and two wonderful daughters, Reagan and Jayla. Reginald has a tremendous passion for God’s Word coupled with a love for God’s people.

  OPerations Director

HI, I'm Jacky. Growing up with my mom and siblings wasn't always the easiest thing to do especially since we moved from place to place. As we moved my family and I were always blessed to have people in our lives that would give things and not just items, but bring kindness into our lives. For that I'm forever grateful to God. THAt's why i want to serve people, so i can bring kindness  and light in to the lives of other as well.  


Connections Director

Hello - my name is KiJafa. I’ve lived in Georgia (mainly Cobb County) since 1993. Most of my life I’ve been a part of some great churches. In 2016, I found myself desiring a new church experience. One thought that kept coming to my mind as I sat in church was ‘how am I helping/loving the people in my community’...and the list could go on. I desired to do more than participate in fun activities with my church friends, understand I’m not saying anything is wrong with that...I just wanted to do something different. If you are looking for a new church experience, opportunities to serve in the community and something a little different, maybe I’ll see you at Revive. 

Revive Kids Director

I'm Patricia Taylor-Stuart an Healthcare Professional and a mother of three lovely children. One of my favorite scriptures is Psalms 139 because the Lord knows better than we know ourselves and he has plans for us. I am ecstatic to serve the community and love people. One of mu quotes are we are made from love to receive love and give love.